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To secure your appointment, payment must be made two clear working days in advance.

We require two clear working days notice for a full refund. Provided this notice is received, sessions can be rescheduled and your payment transferred.


Family Mediation

Initial Session
Joint Session (per person)
Consulting Children
Per Session (adults and children)
Consulting Children Court Report
Total Cost based on 1 child
2+ Children (per session)
Parenting Apart
3 Hour Group Session
no fee
Individual Follow-up Session



Individual Session
Joint Session


Child Contact Centres

Supported Contact
Clients who aren’t eligible for Supported Contact Legal Aid funding, can apply for AVENUE Aid. This is a concessionary service funded by AVENUE. Contact your local office for an application.
Supported Contact Package
  • Individual Pre-Contact Meetings for both parents
  • Children’s visit to the Centre
  • Contact Plan
  • 6 x 1 hour sessions of Supported Contact
  • Individual Review Meetings for both parents
  • Contact Summary Review
Supported Contact Options
Pre-contact Sessions
Contact Session per hour
Review Meeting
Contact Summary Review
This service is not eligible for AVENUE Aid
Set up Fee
Supervised Contact
Pre-contact Sessions
Hourly Rate (up to a maximum of 2 hours)
One Session
Each Additional Session